Submit your Cross Rails artwork today via Email!!


Nicole’s sculpture.


Becca’s painting.


Madeline’s drawing.


Elizabeth P. 2003

Elizabeth P. 2003

More artwork on its way…

7 Responses to “Artwork”

  1. Natalie C. Says:

    Nichole and beccas stuff is really good!

  2. Madison S. Says:

    yes (for abbey)

  3. Savannah Says:

    I like the first one!! 🙂

  4. Madison S. Says:

    no i think its nans cuz

  5. rachel w. Says:

    i think the rebecca that did the painting is the girl i go to school with i will have to ask her

  6. Madison S. Says:

    that sculpture is rlly good!!!!!!!!!

  7. Madison S. Says:

    omg trooper was there like a long time ago

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