40 Responses to “-Chance”

  1. Katie Says:

    I love and miss you Brooke

  2. SarahZ Says:

    Hey! I need to see ashley and brook. I never get to see them…

  3. ashely i need to ride with u more brooke 2!!!!

  4. Ashley Says:

    i dont like the first pic.

  5. ashley u are the beswt sister somtimes i DON’T think so but other than that ur amazing luv u come in my room byezzzzzz

  6. katie Says:


  7. katie Says:

    heyy its katie i was looking at the website of crossrails and i saw you ashley! ur amazing!!! 😀 TXT ME!

  8. Katie Says:

    how high can u and macey jump

  9. megan Says:

    yay i love macy i just rode her for the first time im half leasing her either febuary 1st or febuary 8th excited

  10. sarah Says:

    i am sick and i loss my voice. ashley when you did those jumps because i was in my lesson that day. i think so

  11. ashley Says:

    Thx Jill-Phill

  12. Jillian Says:

    Hi ash macey is such a beautiful horse

  13. ashley Says:

    cool what one lol

  14. sarah Says:

    hi ashley macy and you are good together. and my cousin is comimg over to my house my cousin that you know.

  15. ashley you look good with macy in the pictures. i was there when she took the pictures. i was in a lesson with gabby. you your awsome she is the best. she ia beatiful and she is jumping is good.love you macy and hi ashley.

  16. jillian Says:

    you look awesome on macy. wish i could come over sometime to see her 4 real. c ya in school:)

  17. o wow ashley you are so werd!!!!!!!on the other hand im not werd like ashley o no no no no no no not even a smige

  18. ashley Says:

    hi miranda this is ashley nelson u seem so nice after i have read all of the things u have sed about the horses my dad bought macey 4 me and he bough ohana for me to muve in to and my little sis is the one on presto that is her horse sooooo talk to u lader LOVE Ashley :)(my pony,Macey all most my horse,ohana my little sisters pony,presto) lol ok lader

  19. miranda green Says:

    ! SOUL ! SISTERS !

  20. Grandma Says:

    Can’t wait to see you ride next weekend. You go girl……

  21. ashley Says:

    yup soooooo call me when ev

  22. ashley Says:

    kk abby my cell is 407-697-3235

  23. mackenzie Says:



  24. ashley Says:

    hey abby do u wont to come over some time and go swimming or what ever

  25. jillian Says:

    u need new pics

  26. jillian Says:

    ashley, i am so sorry i couldn’t come to your horse show yestterday my mom had said yes at first but she changed her mind.

  27. ashley Says:

    macey is great but a pain to get in the feaild presto is crazey but still cuite i miss u tell ur mom i miss her too

  28. jillian Says:

    you and macy are awesome together

  29. GRANDMA Says:

    Ashley…I am so proud of you and Macy. You did awesome Saturday….keep up the good work….

  30. makylah Says:

    ashley, I love Macy she is a beautiful horse. You are so lucky to have her.

  31. ashley Says:

    thx abby miss u too how is capular sorry if i did not spell it right heeeee heeee heeee

  32. makylah Says:

    ashley you and macy look amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. jillian Says:

    hey asheley, you are so lucky to have a horse like macy. i wish i could come see her in person.

  34. ashley Says:

    thanks grandma u rock

  35. Virginia Nelson Says:

    I think you two are great…….am really proud of you…..

  36. ashley Says:

    thanks i am very happy to have a pony like macey p.s all of the other horses and ponies are terrific to

  37. brooke Says:

    ashley is lucky 2 have a cute horse!!!!!!!!!!

  38. courtney Says:

    AWWWW cutest pictures ever ( : you guys look so good.

  39. Mickenziee Says:

    Congratss Ashleyy! You two look great togetherr!!! Veryy cute picss! ❤ (:

  40. Madison & Jillie! Says:

    hey ashley u look awsome on her!!!! u 2 r a great pair 🙂

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