11 Responses to “-Lucky”

  1. April & Lydia Says:

    Sitting trot on Angel! Yeah right! But she is still super fun to ride.

  2. SarahZ Says:

    Aww i love to pics

  3. Natalie C. Says:

    awwwwwww ❤ the first picture

  4. Emily Layton Says:

    Aww, Angel looks so good still! I’m glad you guys are taking care of her. I was thinking about her and Gracie the other day. I haven’t seen Gracie’s pictures yet but I’m about to look. Thank you!!!

  5. Katrin Says:

    They need newer pics

  6. rachel w. Says:

    katrin u r an awesome friend but of course you already knew that
    love ya lots

  7. Katrin Says:


  8. rachel w. Says:

    i love pics 2 & 3 lols 😛 😀 catran you r an amazing friend and u look great on Angel like all horses she lives up to her name she is an angel

  9. Madison S. Says:

    Me 2 🙂

  10. Savannah Says:

    In the 3rd pic i think she was hungry.

  11. Madison S. Says:

    lol in the first pic angel has a wild look in her eye

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