18 Responses to “-Peanut Butter (For 1/2 Lease)”

  1. Katie Says:

    I love Peanut! Great job Fiona you guys are really moving up!

  2. Mikhala Says:

    lol Yes, he is fluffy! ❤

  3. FUZZY PONY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Natalie C. Says:

    AWWWW so FLUFFY in the first pic. 🙂

  5. Rachel & Ohana Says:

    Its the Crossrails mascott!!!!!!

  6. Sarah and zoey girl Says:

    She is so cute on her right. I love her

  7. miranda green Says:

    penut butter is the perfect size for fiona . they make a good pair

  8. Megan and Gulli says Says:

    she is supper penut

  9. Courtney Peeler Says:

    she is the cutest<3333 i love her!!! 😀

  10. Caroline T Says:

    LOL so cute

  11. Derek Says:


  12. Madison S. Says:

    what show grounds is that?

  13. rachel w. Says:

    everyone does /or/ who doesnt

  14. Savannah Says:

    I love Peanut!! 😀

  15. Madison S. Says:


  16. rachel w. Says:

    L 🙂 L S( LOLS)

  17. rachel w. Says:

    i agree with madison 100 % l:)l (lols)

  18. Madison S. Says:

    lol nan is bending down nd it makes pnut look tall

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