49 Responses to “-Farquad”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Rachel and Farquad is so cute together! Love there jumping!

  2. Katie Says:

    Farquad is awesome

  3. Zoe Says:

    You and your baby are so cute.<3

  4. Rachel & Farquad Says:

    Thats cause he had a Big Spot and i wasnt ready for it

  5. Natalie C. Says:

    ur not in ur jump position on the 2nd pic.

  6. rachel w Says:

    omg i cnt believe im half leasing ohana hes so fun farquad got jealous lolz

  7. Rachel W. Says:

    hey wat up im so bored

  8. Rachel W. Says:

    hey guys wats up i cant wait for Fannin Hill this weekend

  9. caroline T. Says:

    in the 3rd pic it looks like marshmellow is with rachel

  10. katie p Says:

    hey nice pics such a pretty horse c u in skewl

  11. rachel w. Says:

    hey guess wat sunday (november 8th) is my b-day and 2day (november 6th) is farquads b-day at least i think its supposed to be

  12. rachel w. Says:

    hey thnx cuz.

  13. Alisa K. Says:

    Hey Rachel! I saw the pictures and I love them. You will have to show me your horse the next time I see you. Mom saw the pictures too and she loved them and I’m going to show them to dad tommorow. We miss you very much. By the way, Grammy let us know how your riding commpetition went and we all say congradulations. Well, I will talk to you later. Give me a call sometime. Take care and God Bless.
    Alisa 🙂

  14. rachel w. Says:


  15. rachel w. Says:


  16. Madison S. Says:

    🙂 tehe

  17. rachel w. Says:

    THOUSANDS!!!!!!!!!!! no,no,no…jk jk i have no clue……………….. LOL its soooo funny

  18. Madison S. Says:

    how many relatives do u have!!!! lol jk

  19. uncle vern Says:

    great pics did not know you was such the cowgirl.
    love ya
    uncle vern

  20. Gramma Says:

    wow! these are just great pictures. you look so special. I would love to see you ride. have fun!
    Love gram

  21. rachel w. Says:

    i know u were jk…….ing

  22. rachel w. Says:

    sorry i was excited that he left a comment

  23. rachel w. Says:

    thanx uncle keith, guys that is my uncle

  24. Uncle Keith Says:

    U look great kid keep it up

  25. rachel w. Says:


  26. Savannah Says:

    1st pic is the best!!

  27. rachel w. Says:

    i got your # 2day i will call you and tlk to you 2moro

  28. Mickenzie G Says:

    i’ll c if im free!! 🙂

  29. rachel w. Says:

    hey how about next Sunday/may 31st aftr barn chores they are ’till at least 5

  30. Mickenzie G Says:

    yeah sorry i couldnt make it out therer this weekend im really busy! but umm yeah we should make a day where we can meet and ride together! lol well i really cant wait to meet u!

  31. rachel w. Says:

    thaks Mr.Derek for posting the picture my mom sent in it is so cute

  32. rachel w. Says:

    i am going to the barn tomorrow/Saturday May 22 at 11 to 11:30 if you want to meet me!!!

  33. rachel w. Says:

    thanx mickenzie i told the girls i haven’t met you yet they were SHOCKED

  34. Mickenzie G Says:

    omg!!! those new pics r SO CUTE!!! i luv them!!!!! omg i jus cant get over how cute they are! lol 😀

  35. rachel w. Says:

    me either

  36. Mickenzie G Says:

    thx! u and farquad are so cute together! 🙂 cant wait to meet u! lol

  37. rachel w. Says:

    Mr.Derek my mom wants to know if you got those pictures we sent in of me and Farquad

  38. rachel w. Says:

    kk see u then btw ty is SUPER CUTE!!!!! 😀

  39. Mickenzie G Says:


  40. rachel w. Says:

    k just ask abbey if u want mine 2

  41. Mcikenzie G Says:

    yeah!!! if u ever see abbey Vw she has my number so yeah! so u could ask her for it or something

  42. rachel w. Says:

    maybe 12:00 but i could get ur # and u can have mine. So u kno when i’m riding, we could ride 2gethr

  43. rachel w. Says:

    thursdays at 6:00 then i exercise Farqie on sat. around 10:00 or 11:00

  44. Mcikenzie G Says:

    kk!!!!! what days do u come out to ride?

  45. rachel w. Says:

    thnx micky i’ll have to meet u at summer camp

  46. Mcikenzie G Says:

    aaawww!!! thats a really cute pic!!!

  47. rachel w. Says:

    i luv u guys u give me sooo much support u r the best friends i could ask 4 🙂

  48. thnx guys i just saw the postings:) i hope i can still ride him for free ride

  49. Madison S. Says:

    2 bad she is out growing him 😦

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